MK Community Foundation Fund Roadshow


Thanks to funding from Milton Keynes Community Foundation, 5 On It Foundation were able to deliver an amazing action-packed nutrition learning and physical activity programme to 5 primary schools in Milton Keynes as well as free camps.

Run in partnership with, each school was treated to a 2 hour workshop hosted by Peter Bakare and Jordan Spencer, two professional and inspirational athletes,  who taught students about the importance of healthy eating and exercise using the Nutri Troops characters, games and adventures.

Excited participants worked in teams competing in the unique Nutri Team league, completing fun active challenges and game show quizzes – they smiled all the way through whilst learning really important lifestyle skills.  

Participants were given Nutri Troops Power Packs to help them stay active whilst having lots of fun and taking part in healthy challenges at home and keep active during the Easter Holidays.  

Families in Milton Keynes were also given meal boxes containing ingredients to cook a meal for 4 people and offered places in a free 4 day camp to those who were in receipt of free school meals. Foodbank kindly distributed the food provision to ensure it went to where it was needed.

This grant was pivotal in helping 5 On It deliver carefully designed active Games Days to primary schools that taught students about the key benefits of healthy nutrition and exercise, especially those impacted by socio economic issues. It also helped us embellish our relationship with local schools and enrich our profile in local education. 

Ultimately, we achieved our aim by empowering students to make well informed food choices and see the enjoyment of keeping active. Not just for while they are young, but so that they are encouraged to eat healthily and exercise regularly for the rest of their lives. As one young boy commented “It’s brilliant to know what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy. For when you grow up as I want to be a healthy Hero like Jordan Spencer”. Participants also loved the physical activities and were left appreciating that daily exercise is not just enjoyable & physically beneficial, it’s also good for mental health, confidence, weight control and academic performance. 

All 5 schools said that it was fantastic to have free visits from Olympians and Pro Athletes and it was wonderful the programme was funded by Community Foundation since school funding cuts had made it difficult to finance learning of this quality and difference. Mr Rutherford from Caroline Haslett said ‘This has been brilliant! I want you guys to come back to see the rest of the school. The children have been so engaged”. He also said how since joining the school he had to use the sugar tax funding from the government on new sports equipment, so it was incredible to have an inspiring workshop at no cost to the school.

Another student from Christ the Sower quoted “The Nutri Troops games really helped me learn about good foods to eat. Peter and Jordan were funny too and taught me some fun exercises to do at home. I hope they come back soon!”. 

Louise Eddy from Brooklands Farm also said how the children loved the roadshow and has asked for more sessions for their SEND pupils.

We are so grateful to the Milton Keynes Community Foundation for the funding and felt incredibly supported by their team in helping make it all happen.  We are now looking to expand this programme through approaching local companies for sponsorship and making further funding applications to national organisations such as Children in Need.


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